<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">National distributor of refined products</span></p>

National distributor of refined products

From our Wisconsin petroleum roots, Bridge terminal today handles all aspects of fuel supply in the Midwest, and offers dependable wholesale and biofuel supply throughout the nation.With 32 terminals, a barge and numerous third-party terminal partners, Bridge terminal is a dependable national distributor of refined products and a reliable option for your business.
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">EXPORT OF CRUDE OIL AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS</span></p>


Bridge terminal LLC exported 12.04 million tonnes of oil in the reporting year, or 12.5% more than in 2014. The increase is attributable to growth in oil exports from the Company’s Arctic regions.

What we do

Bridge terminal operates bulk liquids storage terminals in key strategic ports.

Our mission and strategy

LLC Bridge Terminal is one of the world’s leading independent tank storage company.

Our customers

The customers we serve include national and international producers, distributors and traders of liquid bulk products.


Between the world’s oil fields and the users of derivative products, independent terminal networks like LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" perform vital connecting services. Independent storage terminals are not owned by the clients they serve and do not own any of the products they handle. We employ a decentralised management structure in which each facility functions as an autonomous Profit Centre.During the last decade, LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" has become the Russian second-largest company in this competitive field. Its clients include private and state oil companies, refiners, petrochemical companies, and traders in petroleum products and chemicals. By nature we have a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction. Often we develop and operate our business with reputable local, private and state-owned companies, whereby LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" acts as operating partner in the joint venture.To customers, LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" serves as a trustworthy custodian of valuable products. To business partners, the company offers the proven ability to manage terminals profitably. In developing capital-intensive terminal facilities alone—or with substantial local business partners—the financial strength of LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" is a valuable resource.To further improve our shareholders value we continue to employ a strategy of controlled growth of our tank terminal-based service network through acquisitions, new buildings and upgrading of existing facilities.


LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" Vessels and packages are developed to ensure our clients have a complete solution for whatever they are transporting. We have some of the best trained Maritime Officers who can handle all maritime operations including but not restricted to, connection / disconnection of cargo transfer systems and mooring operations.LLC "BRIDGE TERMINAL" activities in an energy intensive industry. In our opinion, shipping is essential to world trade and globalization, and fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) will remain indispensable in our daily lives for many years to come. Our challenges are therefore to constantly improve energy efficiency in our vessels and reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities. We aim to meet these challenges by continuous improvements of our Vessels' performance and by making environmental breakthroughs in selected areas.We are fully aware that limiting our environmental impact is not only good for the environment but it is also good for the bottom line. We intend to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint by focusing on energy efficiency as an essential part of our business strategies.